Are Engineers that successful ?

Are Engineers that successful ?

27 April, 2017


Only few know how valuable a master degree in engineering is and I came to know only a month back about it. I was graduated three years back with my thirty-two other friends from our reputed university. We all held a bachelors degree in electrical engineering at that time. Moreover, it was the time to choose our respective career path.

One gang chose to work for any company and to start earning. One set of students decided to do masters in engineering by referring and rest of them planned to start their own business, and that group includes me. So we five of them decided to start a software company on our own and.

As we all were just bachelor degree holders, we failed to understand the major tricks and trades of business. We failed to finish many of the projects that belong to our clients. And our software company was running in loss for almost months. And at the end of a panel meeting, we decided to recruit couple of master degree holders who knows better about the product and the latest technologies in order to overcome the failure in our business.

On recruiting, all the panel members remembered one of our friends who completed bachelors along with us and went on to do masters in engineering. He also had one year work experience and was staying back home after resigning the job. We found him as the biggest treasure for our software company if we could recruit him. Luckily, he accepted to take up the job in our company and now we hail as a better software company.