Tech Jobs where Masters really Matters

Tech Jobs where Masters really Matters

6 August, 2017


I did my under graduation in engineering and I was very successful in my profession, however I was a career oriented guy and was looking to achieve more and more in my field of interest.

As I needed more knowledge and skills to achieve more by taking up new challenges in my profession I desperately wanted to do a masters degree in engineering. I had planned to do masters in any of these two countries Switzerland and Slovenia.

In Switzerland, the master’s degree or a post graduation is known as DEA. Whereas in Slovenia, all the basic degrees were given after a minimum course study of 4 years and even after a thesis is successfully published and defended they were given a masters degree or considered it to be an equivalent to have completed a masters program.

Anyway, after I analyzed the cost that it would take for me to do my higher education abroad was taking a toll on my savings and I even had to go for an educational loan.

I thought doing a masters program abroad would make me an international professional; but after looking at the cost there were few risks for me such as the educational loan burden, I have to quit my job so no earnings during that period and I have to search for a new job after completing masters program.

Fortunately I came to know about doing masters in engineering through online from US, which helped me to do a masters program without quitting my job at a lesser cost.